Hand Felted Handmade Soap and Handmade Lotion Bar

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Soap in a Sweater is $5.95.
Soap in A Sweater
Saponified Essential Oils Soap made by Fran Walker of Etc. Acres with a felted wool 'sweater' by Barb Marr; all of Allegan Michigan.

Each bar is one of a kind, the photo on right shows some different designs. Each felted soap is approximately 3 ounces.

The long lasting handmade soap is made of pure, natural ingredients; a combination of oils, (sweet almond, coconut, grape seed, olive and palm oil) with cocoa butter and shea butter and essential fragrance oils. It will soothe your skin and help keep it soft. The wool gently exfoliates as it cleanses and the wool shrinks with the soap.

Lotion Bars are small rounds that come in a plastic container with a pop off lid.

Made of beeswax, shea butter, grapeseed and olive oil with essential fragrance oil. They are the density of a bar of soap. The 3 bars in the background below show the packing bag and ingredients slip. The foreground bar and close up photo to the right are without the container.

Lotion Bar is $3.50


The container can be used to store the bar so you can carry it in your purse or pocket.

They are 1 inch high, approximately 2 inch across and fit in your hand. You "roll" the bar in your hand like a bar of soap or rub on your body. A little goes a very long way.

Another unique personal item and great for a gift is the Hand Felted Wool dryer balls

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