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Wool or other natural animal fibers that have been cleaned and combed (carded) may be in the form of Roving, Top or Batts. The fiber is used for wet felting, needle felting, spinning, or weaving. Some other uses are basket decoration, mandelas and pieces knit into a jacket or mitten for a self-lined garment.

Roving is a long piece approximately 2-4 inches in diameter with the fibers in random direction. Top is also a long piece; however the processing is more complex. The combing and drawing of the wool keeps the individual fibers parallel.

80 count 19 micron Merino Top
Natural White
2 ounce bag is $6.95

dyed Merino Top on page 3
Marr Haven Merino Rambouillet Roving
Natural White
2 ounce bag is $5.95



100% Cultivated Silk
1 ounce $5.95

dyed silk on page 2
100% Tencel
2 ounces $5.95


Wet felted samples
of Tencel on Merino.

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