Merino Wool & Silk, Alpaca, Merino & Tencel ,Exotic Sparkle

and Merino and Mohair blend - page 2

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Natural color Merino, Silk page 1 Solid color Merino
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Dyed Silk 30% Merino 70% Top,
Natural white silk shown here - See dyed fibers and flowers.

Silk/Merino Green

Silk/Merino Concord

Silk/Merino Purple

Silk/Merino Red

Silk/Merino Bay Breeze

Exotic: Firestar Sparkle
Use one ounce of Firestar with two pounds of fiber.

70% Merino 30% Tencel Purple

Merino Multi Color Jeweltones

Roving :
67% Marr Haven Merino-Rambouillet Wool
33% Dyed local Mohair.
Patriot is a red and blue 2 way swirl

See Airy Fairy Scarf

Medium Grade Top.

Green & White CorriedaleWool with Mohair

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