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  • Raven OKeefe of Oregon started using wool from her Wolston Farms home and a technique based on dry needle felting to create "wool sculptures". Grandmothers often get requests for special knit items, probably not too many have the request that Dolores Karner had from her teen age grandson, he needed kilt hose. She used our sport weight wool yarn to give both strength and comfort.

    Matthew Karner strikes a very handsome pose with his pipes and now complete kilt costume. I am told he plays as well as he looks. I love to hear bagpipes and am glad there will be another piper in the Midwest for quite awhile.

    Eve Mosher, a sculpture artist, uses Marr Haven Yarn in some of her art work. The work shown here is titled 'displaced/replaced', made of wool yarn, sticks, beeswax, seeds and dirt. It is 84 inches tall.

    One sentence in her philosophy statement reveals the essence of her artwork, "A myriad study of the passing of time captured in single moments."

    You may guess Sue Gibbs is a teacher by the attractive art work displayed behind her Counting Sheep Afghan. This is a double strand pattern so when you snuggle under this beautiful knitted afghan you won't count sheep for long.

    Ann and Bruce Niemi own Kessenich Looms in Allegan, Michigan. Ann designed this traditional twill plaid blanket for her Mother and Mother-in-law. It is a repeating sequence that she wove on one of the looms Bruce built. She used Marr Haven Green Heather and Lilac Heather with a handspun medium grey.

    See the beautiful Kessenich Looms made in Allegan.


    Elly and knit horse

    Elly is a third grader in Maryland. She had a school project to read a how-to book, learn how to do "it" and then teach others in her class. She read the Kids Knit Book and knit the horse she is holding. She certainly deserved a top grade for her fine finished project. We met Elly at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival and found she is as cute as she is talented.

    Not all Marr Haven customers work with yarn. To honor a friend, Leone Whittum of Michigan, a talented poet.
    She wrote a poem for us after her first visit to our farm shop. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have and will continue to remember her.

    "Unto His Heart" by Leone Whittum
    The little lame lamb
    walked slower than the rest
    The shepherd watched over him
    loving him the best.
    He'd often take him up
    into his loving arms
    and hold him tenderly
    protected from all harm.
    The little lamb grew strong
    within the shepherd's care
    Now he'd become a pet
    from all their times shared.
    So he lingered at his side
    abiding in that bond
    The shepherd and the lamb
    Me and the son of God.

    Deckxms2.gif While Margaret Deckard of Iowa is knitting, husband Bill Deckard makes beautiful outdoor decorations for their home. Look closely, he has two sheep resting in the snow, maybe one is a replica of a Marr Haven ewe.

    Bill was busy again! How great to be able to decorate for the holidays. The neighbors must enjoy his work as much as we do. On the right are his Easter creations.

    Deckard Easter 2
    Deckard Easter

    A talented family member from Wyoming is Sally Kaiser. Here are pictures of one of her projects, a very intricate lace shawl knit in Light Heather sport weight. The shawl and model (Sara) are beautiful. sarafrt1.gifsaraback.gifMary Winkler of Indiana makes Heirloom Father Christmas dolls. Some of the furs and jewels may come from the family that has ordered the doll. She is using our merino rambouillet natural roving for their beards.

    Mary was willing to send me photos of several of her completed Father Christmas and I had a difficult time choosing one to share with you. She explained they are all sold as soon as they are finished, it is easy to see why.

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