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  • Weaving is only one of Bruce Bowman's many interests and talents. This scarf is his first project using all Marr Haven yarn. He used the plain weave in sport wt. (warp, 12 epi) and worsted (weft, 8 ppi). He wrote he couldn't be happier with it. Although he says he is a novice, in our opinion, the finished scarf says he is very good.

    Bruce and his wife, Celia who is also interested in fiber, spend much of their time onboard a sailing catamaran, Goosebumps. They have a very interesting website for all of us with dreams of their fascinating lifestyle. Check the website

    Lisa Williamson of Michigan does sculpture needle felting The two friends on the right sold the first day for her.


    Judy James of Hartford certainly has an artistic flair for hats and animals. Only two sides of her first hat are shown, I know you can appreciate it even in this small size.

    If we had given her a better background the turtle on top would be clearer.

    Maggie Brown of New Jersey created a real show stopper with her first self-designed shawl. The shawl is shown here laid out on her bed for blocking and gives you some idea of the size and intricate stitches. She knit it with Marr Haven sport yarn.

    Her daughter was as impressed as we are; she said she wants one "just like yours, Mommy". I hope Maggie keeps designing her lovely creations.

    Rosanne Garvison of Michigan shared her first needle felting piece. She used a piece of felt from a swatch sample she had felted. She said, "It was so much fun and I have sooooooo many ideas for things. My sister and I name our projects in case you were wondering. I was feeling Spring that day."

    Her stylistic lines and form are a wonderful inspiration for us.

    Bobbie Ripperger of Illinois creates lifelike miniature animals and sells them under the name of "Creative Design Studio". The two polar bears shown here are made from our Merino Rambouillet roving. This tiny picture doesn't do them justice.

    Peggy Fleming has been creating charming miniature teddy bears since the 80's. This teddy and bunny are the first she made by needle felting. Peggy shows and sells her teddy bears and friends online and in shops around the world.


    Judy Helmholdt came to the shop to buy yarn but was so intrigued by the art of Needle Felted Hats that she went home with felting needles and 4 ounces of wool top. She came back a week later for roving and top to make more hats and allowed me to take a picture of her lovely creation.

    I wish my photo efforts were good enough to show the cute design detail. She said it is warm, comfortable and lightweight.

    Alison McKee shared this picture of Cheeky Monkey, her second needle felting attempt.

    She said the first was a small bear that turned out "hideous". She certainly made great improvements with the second one. After sculpting and needle felting all over the monkey, she airbrushed his features with Jacquard Dyes.

    Lou Deles sent a picture of her Yorkie in his finished sweater and said, "The mini-circular needles made this a very fast project." His name is "Chorung" (Korean for 'Bright Eyes') . Lou and her husband work in Seoul, Korea.

    Beautiful sweater on an equally beautiful dog, his name is fitting for his eyes and coat.

    Joyce Vance of Alabama is a mother of 4 who has developed a a self-supporting hobby of fabric painting and dyeing. That lets her justify lots of side endeavors and travel to take classes. Joyce says, "Felting started as a whimsy several years ago and is my absolute favorite thing to do." The scarf shown here were her first experiments with nuno felting. Monica Pawlan of California and I have allergies in common and I am going to borrow her idea of adding pockets to my next sweater. Her sweater on the left is knit with our worsted weight Blue Heather has a stitch pattern that she used to make the pocket then added them to the finished sweater.

    This is one of those great ideas that makes us say "Why didn't I think of that." Thank you Monica for letting me share the photos and ideas of your beautiful sweaters.