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  • Andrews University

    Students from Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan came with professor, Katherine Koudele, Ph.D. February 17. The breezy day kept us indoors most of the time.

    The group did see the yearling ewes up close and had a chance to see 'inside' a fleece.

    Gene demonstrated spinning in the shop.
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    Kalamazoo Weavers Guild

    October 12 was a sunny day for the visit with the Kalamazoo Weavers Guild. Barb is greeting the earliest of the group and telling them some farm history. A few ewes had prepared way ahead for this visit so there were 6 lambs under the age of 30 days old. One young ewe had her lamb only 3 days before. After viewing the sheep and visiting the shop, the group enjoyed the outdoors with lunch.
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    Chicago Area Knitting Guild Guild

    CHIshopping.jpgWe had a wonderful day with the Chicago, IL & Merrillville, IN Knitting Guilds visit to the farm Saturday, May 20. Guild members shopped in the Wool Room, visited the sheep and watched Jan, the Border Collie, herd the sheep and lambs. In the last picture you can see that Jan is also interested in learning the intricacy of knitting. The group continued after lunch to Ann and Bruce Niemi's to view the Kessenich Looms. We look forward to many of the ladies returning in August for the Michigan Fiber Festival.
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    Ft. Wayne Knitting Guild

    FtWyn2.jpgThe Ft. Wayne Knitting Guild arranged a visit to Marr Haven. The weather was perfect and timing was excellent; they were able to see two newborns only hours old.
    After a box lunch behind the shop, Ann Niemi of Kessenich Loom Co. took the group to see the looms her husband, Bruce builds. We enjoyed having the group come to the farm. FtWyn3.jpg
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