Sheep Shearing Pictures at Marr Haven

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  • People ask if we shear our sheep, the answer is, no more. A professional shearer, Jerry Pepper of Hamilton, MI, shears for us now. Merino and Rambouillet breeds of sheep are not the favorite of most shearers because their dense wool is down to the feet and close to the face more than many other breeds. The lanolin in the wool is greatly affected by the weather and can be sticky causing the blades to need frequent cleaning or changing.

    Jim.jpgThe sheep walk into a chute to await their turn for their annual shearing. A friend, Jim Jacobs, stands alongside the chute in case they need encouragement. Sheep are shorn once a year, the primary growth time for wool is April through November.
    You can see how white and clean the wool is on this ewe. The lanolin at the outer tips of the fiber collect dirt and dust, creating a protective shield for the major portion of the wool fibers. Jerry.jpg
    Ryna.jpgBarb is explaining to Ryna Jacobs and her granddaughter Amanda how each sheep's fleece, (the name for the wool once it is shorn from the sheep) is placed on a table where the wool is checked for healthy fibers and bright color. The wool from the legs, belly, neck and head is sorted out and discarded; this is called skirting a fleece. Only the prime wool is used to make Marr Haven yarn.