Nuno Felt Scarf aka Laminated Silk Scarf
and Shawls

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Nuno scarves and shawls are silk gauze fabric, hand dyed with Jacquard Dye, with a combined single layer of merino top - roving, silk fiberand/or silk blend fiber, hand felted or laminated to and through the silk material. Some have Starfire synthetic fibers added for more sparkle.

After dyeing, each scarf is thoroughly washed with a textile detergent to insure any excess dye is removed and the scarf will not stain or bleed in wearing or subsequent washing. The Scarves may be handwashed in cool water, mild soap and drip dried. I hang mine on a clothes hanger in the shower and they are dry in a couple of hours. They are super light weight ( 1/2 ounce), yet very strong.

This is the small size nuno shawl made from Suzanne Puffpaff's instructions with the 2 yard silk gauze.

The large size is to the right.

Beginning Nuno Felting with Suzanne's Instruction. - - view scarf close up

More Suzanne Pufpaff Instructions.

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