The Lazy Moebius knit with
Marr Haven Merino - Rambouillet Yarn

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marr-haven blog

I call this the Lazy Moebius because it is knit as a straight piece and at the end you turn the right hand needle to point the opposite direction of the left hand needle to put a twist in it then bind the two ends together. I used a 3 needle bind off so it is nearly impossible to see but any way of connecting the two ends would work.

I have knit other moebius' with the same technique on larger needles, one is shown here, at the bottom of the page. I wanted this one to be warmer with stitches closer together and more collar so used smaller needles and added to the width.

The pattern is easy for beginners since gauge is not critical, the design is made by using two different sizes of needles. It was knit with ourworsted weight yarn. You are welcome to use the pattern for yourself, any of our worsted weight yarns may be used.

Lazy Moebius Pattern

Needles used: Single Point size 10.5 and Single Point size 5

Exact gauge is not critical

Yarn: Marr Haven Worsted Weight 4 ounce skeins (3) approximately 630 yards

Cast on 80 stitches **

Rows 1 through 6 with size 10.5 needles, all knit stitch.

Rows 7 through 10 with size 5 needles, all purl stitch.

Repeat rows 1 through 10 as above until piece measures approximately 40 inches long.

Turn needles so point ends are facing in opposite direction and bind off together.

Alternative finish: Bind off and make twist then sew ends together.


**My Lazy Moebius knit with size 35 and 10.5 needles had 60 stitches cast on.