Felted Knit Yarn Adult & Child Patterns

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Pattern is $6.00 $3.00
Fiber Trends Felted Beret pattern. You can knit a solid color or add a contrast band.

Sizes are small and large; band size can be adjusted after felting. The largest size uses 300 yards for the plain band and 360 for the rolled band. Knit with a single strand of worsted weight on size 10 1/2 16 inch and 24 inch circular needles plus a set of DP needles.

Instructions to felt in a washing machine is included.

Pattern is $6.00 $3.00

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Fiber Trends Knit then Felt Cap pattern has three children sizes and three adult sizes.

Use size 10 1/2 circular needle with 180 yards single strand of worsted weight yarn for largest child size and two strands of 210 yards worsted weight for largest adult sizes.

Felting directions are included.
Instructions include size for child head measurement up to 18 - 19 1/2 and 21 inches

Fiber Trends Knit then Felt Family Classic Felt Slippers have instructions for 3 sizes for Children, two sizes for Youth and Women and two sizes for Men. They are knit with a double strand of worsted weight yarn on straight needle size 13. Pattern is $6.00 $3.00

Fiber Trends Knit then Felt Vest
Instructions include sizes for 38-42-46- and 50 inch finished chest measurement knit with size 10 circular needles. Yardage is 750-825-950-1,050 yards of worsted weight yarn. The exact finished size is controlled during the felting process. Felting directions are in the pattern.
Pattern alone is $6.00 $3.00

A Knit then Felt Flower, the pattern is called Tiger Lily but you could make numerous flowers by changing colors of yarn. It is knit with worsted weight yarn on size 10 double pointed needles, gauge is not important since the size is controlled during the felting process. Instructions are included for a stem less version as well. Only 80 yards is needed for the stem and leaves, 45 yards for the petals.
Pattern is $5. $2.50