Merino Wool and Merino & Silk Kits for Wet Felt Flower

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Make your own one of a kind, wet felt flower. Great adornment for your favorite hat or handbag or to clip in your hair. Add a pinback and it becomes a brooch, even accessorize your home decor.

The kit includes 20 grams of merino wool top or merino wool and silk blend top, one pinback and beads for the center. There are 3 colors to each kit, the 3rd color is a light shade to use as the center as shown in some of the flowers to the right or add to petals for highlight. Enough to make 2 flowers approximately 3 to 4 inches across.

Kit with wool, pinback and beads is $9.95

Merino & Silk Blue
w/ Merino Emerald

Merino & Silk Blue Pewter
w/ Merino & Tencel Green

Merino & Silk Rose
w/ Multi Merino Sage

Wet Felt Flower Instructions by Suzanne Higgs
4 pages sent as pdf attachment- no shipping charge. See more info here
Sculptured Wet Felt Flowers by Suzanne Pufpaff.
Set of 17 pages for a three dimensional flower with separate parts that ends up standing as one. See more here.


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