Gold Weave Merino Wool & Silk Nuno Felt Shawl

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An extremely unique fabric helps make this shawl reversible, see the other views and Close Ups below.

Nuno Felt is a wet felting technique bonding wool fibers into a silk fabric. Extremely lightweight, it drapes softly over your shoulders and can be worn in any season.

The Gold Weave Shawl is merino wool nuno felted into a woven print silk fabric. The reverse side has the sparkle of the gold threads as much as the fabric side. It measures 48 inches from finger tip to finger tip, 25 1/2 inches down the center back. $55.00


wool side of shawl front

fabric side of shawl back

wool side of shawl back

one option to wear

fabric side close-up

wool side close-up