Felt Wool Smartphone Case

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A lightweight yet sturdy case hand felted tightly to protect your phone from scratches. The durable felted wool provides cushion from other items in your pocket or purse. The open top allows easy access, ringtone sound clearly.
Made of 100% hand felted merino wool, some have other natural fibers such as mohair or silk blended with the wool.
Each is one of a kind. $10.95.

Blue Wool with cloud like White Wool
5 3/4 long x 3 1/2 wide

Brown Wool with Gold & Rust Wool
5 3/4 long x 3 1/4 wide

Three Green Wool with Gold & Rust Wool
5 3/4 long x 3 1/4 wide

Patriot Blue & Red Wool with Mohair
6 long x 3 1/2 wide