Wool Felt Bird Pods

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Each bird pod is hand felted firmly so they can be hung outdoors during all weather seasons.
The opening size is designed for a wren as that bird will nest near or on houses. Other small birds may use them.

The bird pods are made with wool and mohair. The approximate size is 8 1/2 inches high by 7 inches across, measured over the opening and 6 inches deep. A small hole is made in the top so you can hang them with a S hook or string. The photos showing them hanging outdoors is from a bracket on our porch post, the bracket and S hook are not included.

Bird Pod is $30.00

Royal Blue & Red


When I place a bird pod outside for the first time, I place a small stick about 3 inches long inside it just below the opening to insure the pod will stay open until the birds place their own sticks inside.

One similar to these has been hanging on our porch for 4 years. There is minimal care since wool naturally repels dirt. If it is outside, nothing is required as the wren adds spider egg sacks to the nest bed that hatch later clean the inside then the wren eats the spiders , as well as other insects. If it is kept inside, a light dusting with a vacuum brush could be used. The bottoms are flat until the birds fill them with sticks so it can be set on a table if you want to keep it as a decoration only inside.