Felt United October 3, 2009
at Marr Haven in Allegan, Michigan

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The United Nations designated 2009 the International Year of Natural Fibers.  On October 3rd, 2009 - felt makers from around the globe celebrated by joining together and displaying their felt. It was the first annual International Day of Felt.

The day before Suzanne Higgs and Sue Pufpaff helped set up the area with the felt items made of this year's color theme, red, yellow and orange.

On the left, Barb and Suzanne admire the wet felted banner that Sue will use for demonstrations of needle felting.

While Sue tells Suzanne which of her fabulous wet felted hats she prefers.

The weather was sunny but more than a little cool, we were very happy to model Sue's wonderfully warm wet felted vests and jackets.

The Day is here...Barb at shop door.

Judy learns to tighten wet felt.

Connie displays her first felt piece for Teacher.

Guys are fascinated.

Gene helps with a camera.

They are having fun!! see more of LP gals

Gayle and husband watch.

See more pictures at Judy's blog

The exhibit name, Felt United, helps to explain how wool fiber is intertwined, bound together, forever as one fabric.† The theme for this year will be a slice of the color wheel, yellow through red.† Felt is manís oldest known textile. Natural animal fibers combined with a wet environment and agitation are all one needs to produce a non-woven fabric that can withstand the tests of time. Itís uses are endless... from purely utilitarian to utterly whimsical.

Suzanne Higgs of Hooked on Felt taught simple felt making and displayed her stunning felt hats.† Suzanne Pufpaff, The Felt Lady from Nashville, brought her wonderfully warm winter vests made at Pufpaff's Fiber Processing Mill.

Felt United began with an international group of felt makers who gather on the Internet to share knowledge and experience. Many felt makers around the globe are geographically  disconnected from their peers, with a diversity of lifestyles. Some live on farms producing their own fiber, while others live in cities and rely on major producers for their supplies.

Elis Vermeulen† of the country of Holland and Cynthia Reynolds of Norway organized the international event with official† sanction of the United Nations.† The website, feltunited.com, which went online May 1st ,2009 has 8 translations and over  23 countries participating!