Wet Felt Instructions by Suzanne Pufpaff for
Nuno Scarf, Hat, Purse, Footwear,
Mittens, Rugs Blankets.

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See more pages with page 1-Advanced Techniques wet felting and page 2-Nuno Felt Shawl. You will need Merino wool top or other feltable fibers for these projects.

a sample of nuno scarves made from these instructions in the midde of this page.


Simple and Elegant Laminated Felt Scarves. Even if you never have dyed or felted fiber before, this gives you all the steps to create a scarf Uniquely You. Use silk gauze and approximately one ounce of fiber.
The dye step may be skipped and use the white silk gauze as is. The picture at left shows several scarves done on the white gauze and on dyed gauze. You follow the layout and design steps which have very good graphics for placement of the fiber and rolling the scarf in mosquito netting to felt the fibers.
Nuno Scarf Instructions are $5.00
3 mm silk gauze
is 10 inches wide by 66 inches long. $5.99 Jacquard Dyes are great for dying silks.

See Suzanne's instructions for Nuno Shawls made in a day.

The Perfect Felted Hat, graphics with directions to make a perfect size with a variety of crown styles. Steps to lay out the wool, to felt, full and block the hat are fully explained by words and graphics. About 6 ounces of wool will make the average hat..
Wet Felt Hat Instructions (8 pages) are $5.00, wool not included.

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Felted Purses, Bags and Containers, techniques to make hollow felt forms. A beginning project which can lead to forms which could not be created with a simple flat pattern.

Wet Felt Instructions (8 pages) are $5.00, wool not included.

Felted Mittens, a wider variety of sheep's wool may be used since bulk is not critical in mittens. Some require more felting than others which is explained in the instructions. Four ounces of wool is needed for one pair.
Wet Felt Mitten Instructions (7 pages) are $5.00,
wool not included.

a sample of mittens made from these instructions in the midde of this page.

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Felt Footwear, Boots and Slippers, these instructions give pattern making techniques for multiple styles of footwear. The traditional way of creating felt with water and soap is presented in a step by step procedure. Eight ounces of wool is required for an average pair of boots.

Wet Felt Footwear Instructions (7 pages) are $5.00,wool not included.


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Felt Rugs and Blankets uses a front loading washing machine, like a 30 to 45 pound washer in a Laundromat You create the design and the machine does most of the work.. A coarser wool or mohair is suggested for durability in a rug, a softer, finer wool for a blanket. A small blanket will take 2 to 4 pounds; the same size rug needs to be thicker and will take 5 to 8 pounds of fiber.

Wet Felt Rug Instructions (4 pages) are $5.00, wool not included.