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3 Hand Felted Merino Rambouillet Wool Dryer Balls in a Gift Bag

Each eco-friendly dryer ball is handfelted merino rambouillet wool from our sheep, no fillers or recycled material inside.

They are all natural, unscented and 100% chemical free. The wool is cleaned at a local Michigan mini mill using organic soap and water heated in a wood fired furnace then handmade by Barb at Marr Haven.

Dryer balls can replace commercial fabric softeners and dryer sheets by softening clothes naturally, eliminate wrinkles and reduce static*. They save energy by reducing the drying time and are reusable.

The dryer balls are approximately the size of a tennis ball. They felt firmer with use which helps them last for years. They do not make the noise or smell of a commercial plastic dryer ball.

I use 3 dryer balls for every size laundry load. They speed drying time by initially absorbing some of the moisture and are dry by the time the load is done so they can be immediately reused with another load of laundry.

Set of 3 Dryer Balls in Gift Bag $18.00

This close up shows there is some bits of hay embedded in the wool since the wool is washed without chemicals, they will not come off on your clothes. It is also normal for some pilling to occur at first until the wool felts more.

The dryer balls keep the clothes separated so they dry quicker and without wrinkles. The more balls used in the dryer, the faster the clothes will dry. *Wool can take a charge when over dried, if you have static you may need to reduce the drying time more.

Soap in A Sweater, Hand Made Essential Oils Soap with Hand Felted Wool. Read more about the soap on this page.

Soap in a Sweater is $5.95.