COLOR GRID Hand Dyeing Guide

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The Colorgrid is an invaluable tool for choosing colors that work well together. No matter if you are new to dyeing or like me, occasionally have "dry" period when you can't come up with unique and wonderful combinations. The cover describes this for creative projects, home, and garden—this isn't just a dyeing tool.

Color theories and color wheels serve as excellent guides, but they do not work for everyone. The Colorgrid is based on sound theory, but you don't have to learn that theory; you just have to explore the tool. The simple instructions inside make it eas to play with the Colorgrid and discover color combinations that are guaranteed to work, and at the same time, to build your own color confidence. Use the color combinations you discover in your projects, you home, your garden - wherever color counts!

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The Color Grid opens to three glossy panels of colors and, at far left, a black panel with several open slots. That panel is perforated, you tear it off to use as the navigation part for choosing your colors.

With the black side of the panel facing you, position the large center hole directly over your base color square. The black panel can be moved around that base color to find other colors to use with it.

Below the nine circles is a rectangle to choose what Callahan calls your "color spark."

The Color Grid is $8.95