Clover Needle Felting Tools - Original and Pen Style

plus Felting Needles and Instructions to Needle Felt a Scarf or Jewelry

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The Original Needle Felting Tool made by Clover has several features not in other needle felting tools. You can lock and unlock to prevent the needle points from being exposed when not in use. A safety collar stays in place when it is locked to protect the needle points.

The base of the handle prevents the needles from being poked too deeply. It unscrews to change or replace needles. The tool holds 5 needles and comes with five 40 gauge (fine) needles. Maybe the best feature for some is; it is spring loaded so takes no effort to poke into your fibers. The tool is 4 inches long,, comes with 2 illustrated instruction sheets on how to use.
Clover Needle Felting Tool with five 40 gauge needles is $17.95



Set of 5 Felting Needles, same size : $4.00 for 5 needles
your choice of gauge:

36 gauge triangle for general felting

40 gauge triangle is for fine fiber and detail

5 Felting Needles $4.00

Needle Felting on a Silk Scarf Instructions are detailed with added ideas of things you can do with the scarf beyond the joy of wearing your unique, one of a kind creation. See examples below.


The Instructions can be sent as an e-mail attachment (pdf. file) using Adobe Acrobat Reader for you to print on your computer. If you choose to receive this as an email, change the "choice" to "Email pdf" the shipping charge will show on the order form but will NOT be charged to your credit card.

Instructions are $5.


Needle Felt a Silk Scarf

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