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encourages their employees to participate in 'Winning Habits' groups. This is the group who call themselves Knit and Purlstein, most are beginning knitters or crocheters who have learned their needle/hook art in the group. The inspiring leader, Karen, has not shared a picture yet of her recent project. See a few of their finished projects.

This is Carol, Iscel and Kim before they began working on their projects. They may be enjoying the view of other Chicago skyscrapers that are in the background of some of these photos.

How about this for her second project! and look, they fit perfectly.

Congratulations, Kim! Her first project was a scarf , another great example of a successful leap of faith.

Maria and Kim are both learning the entrelac stitch.

See Maria's latest finish project.

Here Maria shows her first set of entrelac design.


Melissa began the baby sweater on her own. The picture on the left is after one week of knitting, the picture on the right is after 2 weeks. Another huge achievement from a beginner.

Peggy and Anita are working on purl stitches. In the picture on the right, you can see by the look on her face that Peggy just "got it". Now it is Anita's turn.

Diane is fairly new to the group, shown on the left. I wouldn't have been able to tell she is a new knitter by the beautiful stitchwork she has done though.

On the right is Lisa, the newest member of the group to date. She is all ready to go with her needles and yarn in hand.

Janet is from the Northbrook office. She had done other needlework but is fairly new to knitting. When she visited our farm shop, she got our Light Heather yarn for my Lazy Moebius pattern . She knitted this as therapy to help her hand surgery. It really looks great on her.

For her second project she is knitting a pair of socks. She has accomplished so much with her knitting.

We caught two of them knitting fervently. On the left, Nicole is working hard on a baby blanket for her new baby due in March. Anita looks like she is counting stitches.

This is most of the Chicago group. It is obvious they have fun, too.
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